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David Gergen




Equally at home in the corridors of power and under the bright lights of the TV studio, David is one of our most respected pundits and the man who came up with the phrase “The Village” to describe the Washington establishment. His folksy, affable take on bloodless conservatism will provide an ideal counterweight to the banalities of whatever establishment Democrat you have on your talk show.


Resumé: Veteran of Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton administrations. Editor, U.S. News & World Report, CNN analyst

Member Since: 1998

Specialties: Promoting tax breaks for businesses and the rich. Urging Democrats to move to the right.

Achievements: Co-founded the Village in the late 1990s. Helped lubricate the revolving door between the White House and TV punditry. Has worked tirelessly to move the Overton Window—the range of acceptable discourse on a given issue—to the right.

Signature quote: “We all live together, we have a sense of community, there's a small-town quality here. We all understand we do certain things, we make certain compromises. But when you have gone over the line, you won't bring others into it. That is a cardinal rule of the village. You don't foul the nest.”

-From Sally Quinn's Post column, “That Letdown Feeling”