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Cenk Uygur





Evicted notice


Date of Eviction: June 2011

Statement: Cenk was fast-tracked for Village admission after he landed his own prime-time show at MSNBC. We figured that the Turkish-born, Ivy League-educated pundit had the makings of a less polarizing version of Keith Olbermann. In hindsight, we may have been a bit hasty. On his show, Cenk showed an unwillingness to display the proper deference to leading figures of the political establishment. His entirely-too-confrontational tone made it difficult to book guests and forced MSNBC president Phil Griffin to show him the door. Mr. Griffin was right. We are in the establishment, and while it initially might seem “cool” to act like an “outsider,” such behavior eventually becomes tiresome. Therefore, we have no choice but to evict Cenk and hope that exile in the hinterlands of the Internet will make him reconsider his approach.