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A Statement from Tom Brokaw


Tom Brokaw

Greetings, my fellow Villagers. I come to you today with a heavy heart. After much thought, I have decided to step down from the Village Board of Directors, effective immediately.


I understand many of you were upset at my criticism of the annual White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) Dinner. However, that is no excuse to TP my house and egg my car. If you have a problem with me, tell me face-to-face. I'm easy to find. Just go to the Village Starbucks virtually any morning when I am in town. Despite these actions, I stand by my position that the WHCA dinner is an unseemly commingling of the political and entertainment classes and reinforces the notion that we lead an insular existence, far removed from the working men and women who make up the backbone of this remarkable nation.


Though I am leaving the Board of Directors, I will remain an enthusiastic member of the Village and will continue to opine on national elections and file reports on Main Street USA and the Greatest Generation.


Tom Brokaw



David Gergen


Thank you, Tom, for your excellent work with the Board over the past five years. You are a true gentleman and a good friend. and I'm sorry that some in our community resorted to acts of vandalism to express their frustration with your position. Remember, no matter how much we might disagree on a particular issue, we must always be civil with each other. That's what separates us from the teeming masses outside our walls. I'd also like to announce that Mike Allen from Politico will be taking Tom's place on the Board. Mike is an experienced Washington insider and a lot of fun at parties. Welcome aboard, Mike!

David Gergen, Board of Directors


Mike Allen


Thanks David. Tom Brokaw leaves behind big shoes to fill...and a great head of hair—not that I'm envious or anything (LOL)! To all my fellow Villagers, please know that my door is always open. Oh, and David, a quick correction. It is POLITICO, not Politico. All caps, in other words. Thanks again.


Mike Allen, POLITICO




Luke Russert


Don't let the door hit you on the way out, bro.


Luke Russert, Village Member