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Peter Arnett




Evicted notice


Date of Eviction: April 2003

Statement: Mr. Arnett has had a long and distinguished career in journalism. All the same, we can't ignore missteps like the one he made in a March 31, 2003, interview with a reporter from an Iraqi television station. Mr. Arnett offered a number of less-than-sanguine statements about the U.S. war effort there, including the following:


“That is why now America is re-appraising the battlefield, delaying the war, maybe a week, and re-writing the war plan. The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance—now they are trying to write another war plan.”


“Wet blanket” pronouncements like that might have flown during the Vietnam War, but things are different today. We don't give opinions about U.S. war efforts. Well, unless the opinions are positive. So goodbye, sir, and best wishes to you in your future endeavors outside of the Village.