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Fred Hiatt

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Remember the old days at the Post, when intrepid reporters like Woodward and Bernstein doggedly followed trails of deceit and corruption all the way to the corridors of the White House and brought down a presidency? Remember that? Neither do we. Today's Post is based on a model of cooperation with the corporate/political establishment. Along those lines, the Post works hard to counter suggestions of liberal bias in the media by turning its editorial page into a forum for many Village pet causes, including deficit fears, war promotion and support for free trade agreements and education reform. Today's Post is a decidedly different animal from the one of the past, and for that, we Villagers should all be grateful.

Founded: 1877

Key Personalities: Editor Fred Hiatt (left); George Will; David Ignatius; Charles Krauthammer; Dana Milbank; Robert Samuelson.

Achievements: Sent fliers to corporate lobbyists offering them a “seat at the table” with newspaper higher ups, Obama officials and Congressional leaders in return for a hefty fee. Zealously promoted the Iraq War and the troop surge. Booted out lefty blogger Dan Froomkin in June 2009 and hired Bush era torture apologist Marc Thiessen as a columnist in March 2010. Promoted for-profit education while making millions off of its Stanley Kaplan business.