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Issued: February 2013
Statement: On the Feb. 5, 2013, edition of the MSNBC program The Cycle, co-host Touré offered up a spirited defense of President Obama's drone-bombing campaign, even when it targets American citizens. “If we have people who are working against America, then they need to die,” the former CNN and BET host said.


Touré noted the low civilian death tolls from drone strikes, and then went on to question the machismo of his fellow citizens. “I wonder if some in this nation are getting a little soft when they are defending the civil liberties of al Qaeda members,” he said. “I understand the fears of progressives, as Obama conducts a foreign policy that looks a lot like Bush's. But we face a lot of the same problems that he did.”


Hear, hear! The president's job is to Keep us Safe, even if that means subverting the Constitution. When a prominent black man from the left joins old white guys from the right in embracing this philosophy, then we Villagers have truly succeeded in marginalizing our opponents. Welcome aboard, Touré!