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Ken Salazar




“Democrats can't win national elections unless they become more like Republicans.” That's the premise behind the centrist think tank Third Way, which debuted in the wake of the 2004 mid-terms. Third Way pays homage to its financial backers—investment bankers and hedge fund managers—by touting Wall Street deregulation. Inspired by Bill Clinton and embraced by Barack Obama, Third Way urges the Democratic Party to forge a path toward the right wingers—even if leads them off a cliff!


Founded: 2005

Key Members : Obama Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (left); California Rep. Jane Harman; former senators Evan Bayh and Blanche Lincoln.

Achievements: Protected friends in the insurance industry by arguing against the creation of a public option in the healthcare reform bill. In early 2008, advised Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., then chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to promote retroactive immunity for telecoms that had colluded with the government in warrantless spying. Warned Dems on the dangers of becoming enamored with progressives like Elizabeth Warren.