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Cameron Diaz


Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference (TED)


An invitation to the annual TED extravaganza is an honor; an offer to speak there is like being anointed—just ask our own David Brooks! TED has grown from a small gathering in Monterey, Calif., to a multi-faceted empire highlighted by the four-day conference in Vancouver. The conference is built on TED Talks: bite-sized presentations where you'll see everything from invisibility cloaks to a guy juggling Rubik's cubes. TED is a younger, hipper version of Sun Valley, or a Davos for Silicon Valley, if you prefer. Don't be intimidated by the "Ideas Worth Spreading," Kumbaya atmosphere. Beneath all the talk of alternative energy and aid to Africa, TED is a comfortable place for Villagers, with a refreshingly apolitical atmosphere and a generally benevolent view toward our clients and their interests.

Founded: 1984

Past Guests and Presenters: Bill Clinton; Cameron Diaz (left); Bill Gates; Al Gore; Meg Ryan; Jeff Bezos; Malcolm Gladwell; Stephen Hawking; General Stanley McChrystal; Ashton Kutcher.

Highlights: Buried 2012 income inequality talk by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer that cast doubt on the role of the wealthy in job creation. Hosted impromptu standup routine by Robin Williams during a 2008 panel presentation. Earned a spot on the Stuff White People Like web site.