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Issued: May 2013

Statement: This month, we’d like to commend (from left to right) Jackson Diehl, Bill Keller and Richard Cohen for their great work in promoting U.S. military intervention in Syria. On May 5, 2013, Bill Keller returned to his old stomping grounds at the New York Times to deliver a column entitled Syria Is Not Iraq. Bill, who describes himself as a “reluctant hawk” (aren't we all?), makes a strong case for U.S. military action, writing that we have a “genuine, imperiled national interest” in Syria. “Getting Syria right requires us getting over Iraq,” he adds. Exactly. Let's forget that whole sordid chapter already and move on to the next great adventure!


We also want to cite Richard Cohen for applying steady, unrelenting pressure on President Obama to do more in Syria. In a Washington Post column entitled Obama’s loss of words for Syria, Richard urged the president to arm the moderate rebels and employ U.S. air power against Assad. “The longer Obama waits to intervene, the harder it is to do so,” he wrote. Indeed, speed is of the essence here, just as it was in Iraq.


And finally, we honor Jackson Diehl, whose Washington Post column used the sage voices of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham to make the case for intervention.


There are many others we could mention—Ruth Marcus, Anne Marie Slaughter and David Sanger come to mind—but the important thing is that sensible people from both the right and left are in agreement: it’s time to bomb Assad's forces back to the Stone Age and let the chips fall where they may. There are signs the president is listening, so let’s keep up the pressure. Congrats, everyone!