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Herbert Allen Jr.





You know you've really made it when you receive an invitation from Herbert Allen, Jr. (left), of the investment firm Allen & Company, to his annual media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The roster of guests who turn up there for one week in July is so powerful that the event is sometimes referred to as “elephant bumping.” Upon check-in, you'll receive a zippered vest and a nametag (khaki shorts are optional—LOL). Leave your kids with the on-site babysitters and spend the day rafting, golfing or bicycling. Sun Valley is a place where you can grab a beer with Oprah, watch Bill Gates interview Mark Zuckerberg and trade volleys on the tennis court with Mike Bloomberg. While perhaps not as exclusive as it once was (hint: nerd alert!), Sun Valley is still considered the ultimate feather in the cap for any Villager.


Founded: 1983

Past Guests: Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Lebron James, Charlie Rose, Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw, Rachael Ray, Chris Christie.

Past highlights: Set the stage for mergers between Disney and Capital Cities/ABC and Comcast and NBC Universal. Bawdy Friday night highlights-of-the-conference poolside dinner, where winner of "biggest prick in Hollywood" is awarded a commemorative dildo. Group photo by Annie Liebovitz.