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George Stephanopoulos




We expected big things when we first set eyes on George, and he hasn't disappointed. The onetime Boy Wonder of the Clinton administration has evolved into a versatile promoter of Village values who moves seamlessly from celebrity interviews on Good Morning, America to hard news on This Week.

Resumé: Clinton campaign director; White House Communications Director; co-host, Good Morning America; host, This Week; member, Council on Foreign Relations.

Member Since: 2005

Specialties: Using Sunday talk show format to stack deck against establishment critics.

Achievements: Had austerity-hating economist Paul Krugman on This Week and balanced the panel with several deficit hawks, including Carly Fiorina and George Will. Used a question from Sean Hannity about Barack Obama's association with Bill Ayers and Weather Underground for the April 16, 2008, Democratic Presidential Debate. Inspired fictional characters in TV shows and movies like The West Wing and Mars Attacks!

Sample quote: “Well, I'm taking notes right now.”

-on Sean Hannity's radio show, April 15, 2008.