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Joanh Edelman




With the big bucks of the Walton Family and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation behind it, Stand for Children is shaking up the American educational system. The organization pushes several Village pet causes, including standardized testing, charter schools and the undermining of the teachers' union. Most importantly, Stand for Children primes the pump for potentially lucrative new revenue streams for us and our clients.


Founded: 1996

Notable Figures (Past and Present): Jonah Edelman (left); Geoffrey Canada; Lauren Powell Jobs (Steve Jobs' widow); Emma Bloomberg (Mike's daughter).

Achievements: Won praise from TIME Magazine. Got Democrats and Republicans in the Illinois state legislature to "jam" Performance Counts "down the throats" of the teachers' union. Promoted charter-school-boosting Waiting for Superman documentary. Threw weight around during elections in Massachusetts, Washington and elsewhere. Supported striking down of teacher tenure rules in California. Discussed blueprint for lobbying state legislatures at the Aspen Ideas Festival.