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Sally Quinn hearkens back to a different time inside the Beltway: a time when dinner parties and copious amounts of alcohol greased the skids of government. It was an era when Presidents knew to pay proper homage to their true constituents—the Washington establishment. While Ms. Quinn's relevance may have waned in recent years as she has morphed from Village Grande Dame to Crazy Aunt, she remains an outstanding party planner and an excellent talk show guest when you need someone to disparage the uncouth shrillness of the left.

Resumé: Author, hostess, Washington Post reporter/columnist.

Member Since: 1998

Specialties: Religion; Beltway etiquette; airing family's dirty laundry.

Achievements: Married Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee in 1978. Helped lay the groundwork for The Village with “That Letdown Feeling,” her seminal 1998 Washington Post column on President Clinton's misdeeds.

Signature quote: "When Establishment Washingtonians of all persuasions gather to support their own, they are not unlike any other small community in the country...this particular community happens to be in the nation's capital. And the people in it are the so-called Beltway Insidersthe high-level members of Congress, policymakers, lawyers, military brass, diplomats and journalists who have a proprietary interest in Washington and identify with it. They call the capital city their 'town.' And their town has been turned upside down..."

-From aforementioned Washington Post column