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Andrew Ross Sorkin






Issued: December 2014

Statement: Andrew, head of our business reporting branch, earns this citation for his Nov. 24 DealBook column condemning Elizabeth Warren's “misplaced rage” at President Obama's decision to nominate investment banker Antonio Weiss to an important position in the Treasury Department. Andrew described Ms. Warren's “wrath” as misdirected, and maintained that Mr. Weiss “is considered relatively progressive, especially by Wall Street standards.” He added that Ms. Warren’s denunciation of Mr. Weiss “is a reason many talented people in the private sector are unwilling to take on government roles.”


Along with lending support to our clients on Wall Street, Andrew's column highlights an important Village initiative: marginalizing Elizabeth Warren. The notion of Ms. Warren as a viable candidate for the presidency has gained traction in recent months, and we must put a stop to it ASAP. Her hostility to our Wall Street clients is simply unacceptable. We should promote only candidates who bear our coveted Serious® stamp, like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, and keep extremists like Liz Warren and Rand Paul on the sidelines where they belong. Good work Andrew!