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Andrew Ross Sorkin

New York Times

As chief of the Village's business reporting branch, Andrew Ross Sorkin helps shield our prominent Wall Street clients from the riffraff on the other side of the wall. His dizzying rise from intern to perhaps the country’s most influential financial reporter is a testament to his tireless work ethic and ability to put a shine on the leaders of the financial world. Drop him a line whenever you need to promote your investment house, defend your salary and bonuses and speak out against burdensome regulations.

Resumé: Editor, DealBook column, New York Times; author of best-selling book, Too Big To Fail.

Member Since: 2009

Specialties: Insulating Wall Street titans from blame for financial disasters.

Achievements: Defended Jamie Dimon against attacks from bloggers. Praised nepotism. Suggested history would judge Hank Paulson kindly. Urged the government to honor executive bonuses at AIG while recommending pay/benefit cuts for auto workers at GM.

Sample quote:  “Over at the power table is Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, or should I call you the man who can do no wrong?”

-12/30/07, New York Times