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60 Minutes


Steve Kroft


Issued: Nov. 3, 2012
Statement: Steve Kroft's 60 Minutes piece on Congressional gridlock in Washington stands as an exemplary piece of Village craftsmanship. After revisiting the good old days of collegial bipartisanship on Capitol Hill, Steve brings in Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn to bemoan the current state of affairs. There's some “he said, she said” exchanges between Harry Reid and John Boehner, but the key to the story's success is its positioning of former Indiana senator Evan Bayh as the voice of reason in Washington.


Steve introduces Evan as a disillusioned moderate who gave up his safe senate seat rather than spend any more time amid the Hill's “brain dead ideology.” He then gives Mr. Bayh as chance to vent, while wisely omitting any reference to the ex-senator's flight to the friendlier climes of K Street and Fox News.


By putting forth Evan Bayh as Washington's Last Reasonable Man, Steve shows us the way out of this mess: compromise between centrist Democrats and extreme right wingers. A citation-worthy feat, to be sure.