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Face the Nation


Bob Schieffer




Issued: August 2013
Statement: On the Aug. 11, 2013, edition of Face the Nation, Bob addressed the (so-called) issue of National Security Agency (NSA) overreach with a panel that included three big NSA fans—former NSA chief Michael Hayden and congressmen Peter King and Dutch Ruppersberger.


Bob raised the imminent attack scenario (one of our favorites) and asked General Hayden about getting a court order during such a situation: “Is it feasible? Is it practical? Is it even possible to say, ‘Well, wait, let’s, let’s argue this a bit?’ I mean it would seem to me that time was of the essence.”


Absolutely. The rule of law has no place in these dangerous times. Thanks, Bob, for your hard work on this issue—and for describing Edward Snowden as a narcissist “who has decided that he is smarter than the rest of us.” We appreciate your diligence in working to Keep Us Safe, and gratefully honor you with this citation.