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Ruth Marcus




Is Ruth Marcus the David Brooks of the left? Or is David Brooks the Ruth Marcus of the right? Doesn't matter. The point is, we all play for the same team, and Ruth is your go-to source when it comes to castigating Democrats for not being more like Republicans.


Resumé: Columnist, Washington Post.

Member Since: 2003

Specialties: Defending tax cuts for the rich while questioning pension funds for public employees. School reform promotion.

Achievements: Cautioned President Obama not to govern from the left. Promoted Orwellian “Look Forward” mantra vis-à-vis war criminals. Criticized Obama's recess appointment while omitting the fact that her husband was recess appointed to be FTC chairman.

Sample quote: “There are other reasons to be optimistic that Democrats can resist overreaching. For the current congressional leadership, the memory of losing control in 1994 still sears; when Clinton took office, it seemed unimaginable that Democrats would ever lose the House. Now, the enlarged contingent of Blue Dogs and other conservative Democrats applies additional countervailing force.”

-Washington Post, 11/5/08