The Village Times




After exhaustive discussion and debate, the Village Board of Directors has approved the following position statements. Positions are organized into Domestic and International categories. We will post new positions as they become necessary.




Deficit: The deficit is the number one economic problem facing our nation. We must cut spending in all areas, except defense and international aid.

Entitlement spending: If allowed to continue unchanged, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid will drain our budget. There is an urgent need for immediate, albeit painful, cuts.

Public Employee Pensions: Poorly-funded pensions endanger the future of our cities, towns and states. Regrettably, we cannot endorse their continued existence.

Unions. Labor unions are antiquated insitutions that reduce the country's competitiveness in the world economy. It's time for them to go the way of the dinosaur.

Financial Reform: We oppose onerous regulations that slow growth and investment and call for the repeal of any existing regulations that restrict the ability of financial institutions to make money.

Education: The United States faces a crisis in its schools. We must look for innovative solutions, including dissolution of the teachers' union and the development of a privatized, for-profit system.

Gun control: We support tighter gun control legislation with background checks and waiting periods.

Marijuana legalization: Marijuana is for lazy, unproductive stoners. We are opposed to legalization of it.




Immigration: We support immigration reform that allows our corporate partners to recruit talented, educated people to the United States.

National Defense: As the world's sole remaining superpower, the United States has a responsibility to police the world and spread Democracy. This obligation requires a large military budget and frequent interventions with our all-volunteer military.

Trade: Trade deals like NAFTA and TPP are essential to economic growth and must be passed by any means necessary.

The War on Terror. Terrorists are major threats to our freedom. They are also really, really scary. Fighting them may require slight “alterations” to the Constitution.

NSA: The National Security Agency is secretive for a reason. Those who leak information about NSA surveillance should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Iran: The Iranians must not be allowed to develop, or even think of developing, a nuclear weapon. Any and all options must be on the table to stop them.

Syria: The United States should oust Assad by any means necessary.

Russia: The former Soviet Union remains a dangerous adversary that continues to meddle in the affairs of its neighbors (and Syria). A return to Cold War footing is probably necessary.

China: A rising power, China must be met with force across the Pacific.