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Newt Gingrich




Issued: August 2012
Statement: By offering a place for Republican politicians like Dick Cheney to go and vent, Politico helps ensure that we in the media don't revert back to our old liberal ways. To wit: on July 29, the site gave Newt Gingrich (left) about 2,500 words to defend Michele Bachmann's warning about the infiltration of our government by radical Islamists.


While Newt may have gone too a little too far, it is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting freedom. We don't know about you, but extrajudicial assassinations, drone bombings and increased government surveillance powers help us sleep better at night. Without expanded powers and “modifications” to the Constitution, there is a good chance that most of us will be killed by terrorists. We commend Politico for understanding the dangers and offer them this citation.