The Village Times

A Message to Our Bosses




Left to right: Tom Perkins, Sam Zell and Wilbur Ross


Recently, there has been a lot of attention focused on some rather, how should we say, indelicate statements issued by members of the so-called one percent. It all started on Jan. 24, when Tom Perkins published a letter in the Wall Street Journal comparing the persecution of the one percenters to that of the Jews in Nazi Germany. A short time later, Sam Zell expressed support for Mr. Perkins, telling Bloomberg News that the one percent simply work harder than the rest of society. And then Wilbur Ross, in supporting Mr. Zell's statements, said that the one percent is getting picked on for political reasons.


We in the Village have kept silent on these statements, but now we feel it is time to address Messrs. Perkins, Zell and Ross, and any other one percenter feeling the itch to speak to the press. While we may agree with your sentiments, we think that it would be better if, in the future, you left the messaging to us. With wages stagnating, the job market stuck in the doldrums and “income equality” becoming a common refrain, more and more people are growing resentful at your success. Unfairly resentful, of course, but resentful all the same. Now is not the time to hold forth in front of the cameras. We understand your desire to defend your fellow plutocrats, but maybe you could save it for the privacy of the boardroom. If you must be in the public eye, stick with charitable events.


Most importantly, let us do our job. Instead of bemoaning your state of affairs and playing the victim card, step back and let us run stories on the stifling effects of taxes and regulations and the need for entitlement reform. We know how to defend you and your interests without being too “on the nose” about it.


Forgive us if this message seems blunt. We are only trying to help. In the end, we work for you, but we wouldn't be doing our job if we held our tongues whenever we felt you were in the wrong. Obviously, you are wise men who have accomplished much in your lives. I mean, you don't become a billionaire by being dumb. Please remember, though, that we Villagers are here for a reason. Let us shape your message, put a friendly face on it and broadcast it to a large audience. You only have to sit back and reap the benefits. Thanks for your continued patronage!