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Scott Pelley




The most lantern-jawed of the "big three" network news anchors, Scott Pelley is the go-to guy for promotion of national security and defense. Though occasionally he can be prickly, and he has been known to undermine our clients, he generally works hard to counter the perception that the mainstream media is liberal and favors Democrats.


Resumé: Anchor, CBS News; correspondent, 60 Minutes.

Member Since: 2004

Specialties: Defining aggressive military intervention as the default foreign policy position. Helping burnish the images of Republican presidential candidates.

Achievements: Produced flattering profiles of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and hedge fund billionaire/ school reformer Paul Tudor Jones. Helped boost John McCain's 2008 campaign for the presidency. Lifted weights with Hugh Jackman.

Sample quote: “The entire world watched this debate in the United States about whether we would attack Syria, and saw the opposition to that idea. For our friends and foes around the world who now believe that the U.S. military is sidelined, you would say what?”

-Interviewing John Kerry on 60 Minutes, Sept. 2013