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Lawrence O'Donnell






Issued: March 2013

Statement: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s March 6 filibuster questioning the president’s right to turn people into bug splatter with drone strikes was nothing more than a predictable piece of Tea Party grandstanding. So kudos to Lawrence O'Donnell for calling the senator out on his MSNBC show, The Last Word. Lawrence described Senator Paul as part of the “black helicopter crowd” and derided his “performance art turn” for “spewing infantile fantasies.”


Great job, LD! We are heartened to see you and Serious People from all across the political spectrum, including Bill Maher, Bob Cesca and Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, join together to fight the drone scolds. The president has an obligation to Keep Us Safe. Nothing is more important. He is our president. He knows things we don’t, so we must give him, and all future presidents, the tools to save us from the hands of terrorists; no matter if we have to give up some civil liberties in the process.