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Mary Landrieu


The New Democrat Coalition


A coalition of centrist congressional Democrats funded by the finance, insurance and real estate industries? Sounds like a group after our own heart! The New Dems may be the congressional affiliate of the Democratic Leadership Council—think of them as a less rednecky version of the Blue Dogs—but they take their inspiration from the Republican Party's K Street Project. If you're a corporate honcho, you'll find them both accessible and amenable to pushing trade agreements and other business-friendly initiatives.


Founded: 1997

Notable Figures (Past and Present): Mary Landrieu (left); Ellen Tauscher; Ron Kind; Harold Ford; Jane Harman; Zell Miller.

Achievements: Supported deregulation of financial derivatives. Won patent extensions for Big Pharma. Fought to protect executive bonuses. Helped make cramdown legislation more bank-friendly.