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Morning Joe


Issued: July 2012 Village Citation

Statement: Writer Tom Junod appeared on a July 9 episode of the MSNBC show Morning Joe to discuss his Esquire story on drone strikes with a panel moderated by Mika Brezinski. Junod's story accused President Obama of not only claiming the legal right to preemptive execution of terrorists, but the legal right to do so in secret. "You, of all presidents, have become the lethal one," Junod wrote. The show's panel of drone strikes boosters—Harold Ford, Jr., Dan Senor and Mike Barnicle—quickly and decisively threw water on Junod's inflammatory words. Getting three drone defenders on one panel might seem like overkill, but we can't let questions about drone strikes take root. We support the strikes as a cost-effective way to kill terrorists; or, in the case of children, future terrorists. As Mr. Ford said of the drones, "it also shows we can save money." Indeed. We commend Morning Joe for its efforts and award them this citation.