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Matt Bai




Matt Bai is helping to light the way for the Democratic party through his columns scolding the extremists of the Far Left and fluffing moderate Republicans.

Resumé: Reporter, New York Times Magazine; Correspondent, Yahoo! News; Author, The Argument

Member Since: 2007

Specialties: Conventional wisdom; Democratic establishment boosting; Disparaging liberal bloggers.

Achievements: Worked to burnish reputation of George W. Bush. Promoted Social Security cuts. Hailed Chris Christie. Likened Elizabeth Warren to a Jacobin. Promoted elitism in defense of Hillary Clinton.

Sample quote: “But if you were going to sit down and make a list of political powerhouses that have been intransigent and blindly doctrinaire in the face of change, you'd have a hard time finding a better example than the country's largest teachers union.”

-Yahoo!, June 19, 2014