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Issued: July 2015

Statement: Marginalizing Bernie Sanders is a critical Village initiative for the 2016 election season. That's why we're citing Chris Matthews for his great work on the July 2 edition of Hardball. During the show, Chris wondered if the Vermont senator was truly presidential material.


“ people really see him as chief executive, the guy or a person in charge of the CIA, the U.S. military, the U.S. Marines? Do they actually see him in that role?” Chris asked. “Or do they see him as an ideological avatar, of somebody that they believe will express their view, but not to actually have the job of chief executive and commander-in-chief. I don’t think anybody`s thinking, commander-in-chief Bernie Sanders! It’s unimaginable!”


Yes! Unimaginable! Incomprehensible! Preposterous! Let's keep beating those drums with regard to Sanders and help ensure that our clients get the kind of leader they expect. One who understands that the commander-in-chief’s job is to wage hugely expensive, unwinnable wars in the name of Keeping Us Safe.