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Stephen Marche




Esquire Magazine


Issued: March 2012

Statement: Tough competition this month, but we're choosing to honor Stephen Marche, a writer from Esquire, for his “War Against Youth” feature in the March issue. The articles essentially lays the woes of the younger generation—unemployment, stagnating wages, etc.—at the feet of the Baby Boomers. Marche singles out Social Security for criticism, describing it as “The biggest boondoggle of all...unaffordable Greek-style socialism for the old.”


Nice job, Stephen. The Village agrees that if we don't do something drastic—like, say, push those ungrateful olds out to sea on an ice floe—we will certainly end up like that clusterf*ck on the Balkan Peninsula.


Our clients would be quite happy to see the Generational Warfare (GW) promoted by Stephen gain some traction. It's much more palatable than that ugly Class Warfare/1 percenter stuff we've seen recently. GW is testing well with disaffected young people, because let's face it: the Boomers are more than a little annoying, what with their self congratulatory nostalgia and their erectile dysfunction drugs. Keep the harsh glare of the spotlight on those Boomers, Stephen—and keep it away from our clients!