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Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow has been nominated to the Village Class of 2012. Before voting takes place, we've invited two of our members to weigh in on the nomination: one in favor, and one opposed.




George Stephanopoulos , This Week, Good Morning America

Rachel Maddow is bright, funny and assured. She is a Stanford grad and Rhodes Scholar. With her highly-rated show on MSNBC, she is the first openly gay primetime anchor. Yes, she is liberal, but considerably less shrill than Keith Olbermann. In addition, she has shown a willingness to work with us. She has defended U.S. drone bombings, and what a kick it was to see her tending bar at White House Press Correspondents Dinner after party! All things considered, Rachel Maddow would be a welcome addition to the club.



David Gergen, Village Board of Directors

Sure, why not? While we're at it, let's exhume the corpse of Abbie Hoffman and vote him in too! Seriously, people, we are the Village. We represent the Sensible Center. Rachel Maddow is way, way too liberal: as in, miles and miles outside of the American mainstream. Let me put it this way: if the Village was Iowa, then Rachel Maddow would be Hawaii. Besides, we already have enough Obama apologists around here. Please vote No and restore some sanity to our hometown.





The vote on Rachel's nomination will take place later this year.