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Luke Russert




One of our newest and youngest members, Luke carries on the proud legacy established by his late father, Tim. He has already shown a remarkable ability to move between the worlds of entertainment and journalism. Keep him in mind when you need your message to penetrate the important frat boy demographic.


Resumé: Correspondent, NBC News

Member Since: 2010

Specialties: Hot tub parties. Doing standups in bad weather. Confronting Democratic congressmen with ethical questions.

Achievements: Threw 2009 inaugural party for himself at Georgetown bar. Badgered Anthony Weiner while ignoring David Vitter and Tom Coburn. Earned praise from Rush Limbaugh. Reported from Times Square for NBC's New Year's Eve With Carson Daly. Questioned Nancy Pelosi about her age. Earned mostly flattering profile in the New Republic. Criticized Democrats for offering Elizabeth Warren a choice speaking slot at the 2012 convention. Scolded drug users.

Sample quote: “The news media is a results-oriented business. I don't think a company like NBC would pay me if I wasn't qualified and wasn't able to produce on this level.”

-The Daily Beast, Dec. 6, 2010