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Lara Logan





Through fearlessness and determination, Lara rose from obscure war correspondent to one of the most respected journalists in the Village in just a few short years. Her enthusiasm for stories about U.S. soldiers taking on hordes of angry Muslims sometimes causes problems, but as we Villagers all know, mistakes made in the service of the War against Terror are never career-ending.


Resumé: Reporter, CBS News, correspondent, 60 Minutes.

Member Since: 2006

Specialties: Up-close reporting from tense, dangerous places; long-form celebrity profiles.

Achievements: Criticized Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings for getting General Stan McChrystal fired. Worked with Lindsay Graham on Benghazi story that proved to be ever-so-slightly exaggerated. Married military contractor. Rode on a Segway with singer Michael Bublé.

Sample quote: “I mean, the question is, really, is what General McChrystal and his aides are doing so egregious, that they deserved to end a career like McChrystal’s? I mean, Michael Hastings has never served his country the way McChrystal has.”

-On CNN Reliable Sources, 7/27/10