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Bill Keller



Few have worked harder to restore sanity to the Left than Bill Keller, former Executive Editor of the New York Times. Though he has left the Times to pursue other ventures, he will continue to offer his take on the issues of the day—especially the Left's dangerous naivete on foreign affairs and the irrationality of the pitchfork-wielding mob that wants to tax the rich.

Resumé: Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter, editor, columnist, New York Times

Member Since: 1999

Specialties: National security, economic issues.
Achievements: Supported Iraq War with his seminal “The I-Can't-Believe-I'm A-Hawk Club” column. Defended centrism. Cast aspersions at Occupy Wall Street. Spiked story on NSA snooping until after 2004 election.

Sample Quote: “The United States has supplied humanitarian aid and diplomatic pressure. But our reluctance to arm the rebels or defend the civilians being slaughtered in their homes has convinced the Assad regime (and the world) that we are not serious.”

-“Syria is not Iraq,” New York Times, May 5, 2013