The Village Times


Bill Keller


Former Executive Editor, New York Times


Issued: November 2011
Statement: Bill began his Oct. 16, 2011, New York Times column with a question: "Bored by the soggy sleep-ins and warmed-over anarchism of Occupy Wall Street?" To which we answer with a resounding, “yes!”


While Bill earned his Village bona fides with support of the Iraq War and scorn for bloggers, it's his takedown of the Occupy Wall Street movement that earns this citation. In a Oct. 30, 2011, New York Times column entitled “Beyond Occupy,” Bill stated:


“Much of the Occupy movement resides at the dreamy level of John Lennon lyrics. 'Imagine no possessions. ...'”


And for marginalizing the OWS movement, Bill resides at the rarefied level of luminaries like Mike Bloomberg and Erin Burnett.