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Katie Couric




For more than 20 years, America's Sweetheart has moved effortlessly between fluff and hard news. Her famous smile reassures television viewers, whether she's helping a chef make an omelet or a general sell a war. Although her purported liberalism drives conservatives to distraction, she has proven to be a reliable promoter of our education reform and foreign policy initiatives.


Resumé: Anchor, CBS News; correspondent, 60 Minutes; Today show co-host; global anchor, Yahoo! News; member, Council on Foreign Relations.

Member Since: 2006

Specialties: Undergoing on-air medical procedures. Charter school boosting. Needling Sarah Palin.

Achievements: Smoothed the pathway between entertainment/morning shows and hard news when she became the first woman to be named permanent solo anchor of network evening news show. Promoted the Iraq War Surge after touring region with General David Petraeus.

Sample quote: “And the unions have fought tooth and nail to keep teachers from losing their jobs, even when they have unsatisfactory ratings.”

-60 Minutes, March 13, 2011