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Juan Williams


Juan Williams, Fox News correspondent, longtime newspaper writer and former contributor to National Public Radio (NPR), is up for induction into the Village Class of 2012. Before voting takes place, we've invited one guest and one member to weigh in on the nomination.

Bill O'Reilly



Bill O'Reilly, Fox News


I'm breaking my embargo of this place for one reason: to endorse the nomination of Juan Williams. Juan is a good friend and a reasonable guy. Quite honestly, you don't deserve him. But he seems to have his heart set on it, so here I am. Juan Williams defies labels. One minute he's voicing support for President Obama's immigration policy and going toe-to-toe with Michelle Malkin; the next he's defending Clarence Thomas and expressing his discomfort with Muslims on airplanes. Juan Williams' firing from NPR exposed the liberal media for the lowlife thought police that they are. His $2 million Fox contract barely covers the pain and suffering he endured. And another thing: I don't support affirmative action or racial quotas, but would it kill you guys to have a person of color in your ranks? Jeez, I thought Fox News was white, and then I saw the Village! Juan Williams not only will break the color barrier; he'll help keep you guys on the straight and narrow. Let the guy in, fer crissake! Let the guy in!!








David Brooks, New York Times

We have a diversity problem in the Village alright: too many liberals and not enough conservatives. I hate to keep being the wet blanket here, and I don't have a problem with Juan Williams specifically, but if we're shooting for racial diversity, then why not let in someone like Shelby Steele or Ward Connerly?


The vote on Juan's nomination will take place later this year.