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When Juan Williams was cast out of NPR for expressing fear of Muslims on airplanes, he became another in the long line of casualties of liberal media bias...and a perfect candidate for inclusion in the Village! A refreshing change from the endless succession of middle-aged white guys who crowd our airwaves, Juan will bring a rational liberal voice to your print or electronic media outlet—e.g., one that largely agrees with establishment conservatives.

Resumé: Correspondent, Washington Post; analyst, Fox News, NPR.

Member Since: 2012

Specialties: Liberal foil for Fox News Republicans.

Achievements: Guest hosted The O'Reilly Factor. Defended conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas against liberal attacks. Said Michelle Obama had a “blame America" mentality. Accused CNN of being “in the tank” for liberals.

Sample quote: "Malcolm X on the Supreme Court might look a lot like Justice Thomas: seeking racial equality as a matter of original constitutional protections for all citizens and not on the basis of integration, affirmative action, busing or other race-based remedies.”

“Clarence Thomas: Black Nationalist?,” The Root , Oct. 19, 2011