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Jon Stewart Alan Simpson



Issued: Dec. 5, 2012 Village Citation


Statement: The perception of Jon Stewart as a liberal partisan has made him the subject of suspicion here in the Village, but we may have to rethink our position based on his recent interview with Alan Simpson for Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Former Senator Simpson was there to promote one of our core causes—strengthening Social Security (wink)—and Jon gave him ample room to hit all his talking points and sell his humorous, “crusty old man” persona to the youthful audience. Mr. Simpson's mocking of the AARP played especially well with the crowd and underscored the effectiveness of Generational Warfare in selling austerity measures and keeping our clients' hands clean.


It's high time we acknowledged that The Daily Show is a reliable venue for our messengers that is free from the “winking at the audience” condescension of the Colbert Report. We look forward to working with Jon Stewart more in the future. In the meantime, here's a well deserved citation.