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Michael Bay




Despite its liberal reputation in some circles, Hollywood has been a loyal advocate of numerous Village causes, including militarism, American Exceptionalism and charter schools, to name a few. The TV shows and movies from Tinseltown help promote the "bad guy du jour," be he Commie or Muslim, and create dramatic, "ticking bomb" scenarios to justify torture. In other words, they do what we do, only with more CGI.


Launched: early 20th century

Notable Figures: Michael Bay (left); Kathryn Bigelow; Joel Surnow (producer, 24); Jerry Bruckheimer.

Achievements: Refined scripts for approval from the Pentagon. Partnered with CIA to produce the award-winning ode to torture, Zero Dark Thirty. Portrayed modern Arab city as grim, terrorist-infested nightmare. Had First Lady Michelle Obama give out 2013 Academy Award for Best Picture in company of military color guard. Used both documentary and narrative format to bash teachers union.