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Robert Rubin


The Hamilton Project


Launched by the Brookings Institution, the Hamilton Project is a small but hugely influential think tank that espouses market-based solutions to America’s economic problems. The Project started during Bush administration, went dormant briefly as Hamiltonians like Peter Orszag went to work for Obama, and then relaunched in 2010. Robert Rubin (left), Hamilton ’s founding father, is perhaps the most influential economist of our time, and he has made the project’s D.C. headquarters a comfortable place to discuss the virtues of free trade, globalization and austerity.


Founded: 2006

Key Figures: Roger Altman; Penny Pritzker; Dick Gephardt; Sheryl Sandberg; Alice Rivlin; Larry Summers; Eric Schmidt.

Achievements: Helped kick off Barack Obama’s presidential campaign by having him deliver the project’s inaugural address in April 2006, where the future president said, “too many of us have been interested in defending programs the way they were written in 1938.” Got Vice President Biden to speak at 2010 relaunch. Proposed privatizing unemployment insurance. Earned praise from Ruth Marcus and David Brooks. Credited by some for drafting the 2009 federal budget before 2008 presidential primaries were over.