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Davis Guggenheim






Date Issued: March 2010
Statement: Let's face it: you can only watch Bill Gates hold forth on education reform for so long before your eyes glaze over. That's why it was such a boon for us to have award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim turn his talented eye toward the issue with his Oscar-nominated 2010 documentary, Waiting for Superman. The film's heart-wrenching stories struck a chord with Villagers and earned Davis a level of celebrity rare for a documentarian, as exemplified by the adoring interviews he received from Oprah and Katie Couric.


Superman succeeds by taking the talking points of the school privatizers—e.g., exuberant praise for privately-managed charter schools, potshots at the teachers' union—and folding them into a classic heroes/villains dynamic. The film's reception suggests a promising template for future Village policy promotion. In fact, we think Davis would be the perfect choice for our new project, Unsustainable: America's Looming Social Security Disaster.