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Pete Peterson


Fix the Debt


The Campaign to Fix the Debt is one of our most valued partnerships. Founded and funded by Wall Street billionaire and former Nixon Secretary of Commerce Pete Peterson (left), Fix the Debt pushes austerity with a focus on reforming Medicare and Medicaid and strengthening Social Security. Though it’s only been around a short time, Fix the Debt has proven to be a lucrative side job for many Villagers, and so we will continue to work tirelessly to spread Pete's long as his checks don't bounce! LOL.


Founded: 2012

Key Figures: Erskine Bowles; Alan Simpson; Judd Gregg; Ed Rendell; Mike Bloomberg; Sam Nunn; Maya McGuinness.

Achievements: Promoted “Grand Bargain” on deficit through Simpson-Bowles Commission. Tapped into youthful hostility toward Boomers with Up to Us collegiate campaign featuring contest to see who can come up with the best deficit awareness marketing campaign (as judged by Chelsea Clinton and George Stephanopoulos). Earned stirring defense from Fareed Zakaria. Raised $25 million from CEOs for campaign launch.