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Chris Berman




Ancient Roman poet Juvenal famously wrote that the people could be controlled through "bread and circuses" (a.k.a., food and entertainment). We in the Village wholeheartedly agree, and when it comes to covering those circuses, we look to ESPN. Their deference to big money, corporations and the plutocrats who own sports teams makes them a chip off the old Village block.


Launched: 1979

Notable Figures: Chris Berman (left); Hannah Storm; Skip Bayless; Colin Cowherd.

Achievements: Spawned era of catchphrase-spewing, "look at me!" sports anchors. Dropped out of documentary on concussions in deference to the NFL. Gave Rush Limbaugh a spot on Sunday NFL Countdown. Killed TV show over NFL complaints. Unloaded popular writer Bill Simmons for his criticism of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Entertained us with "boys will be boys" hijinks of Sean Salisbury, Steve Phillips, Mike Tirico, Harold Reynolds, and others.