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Few did more for the cause of Sensible Centrism than the late David Broder, a.k.a., the High Priest of Political Journalism. Though he passed away in 2011, his message lives on. And that message is, Democrats need to be more like Republicans if this country is to have any chance of a prosperous future.


Resumé: Pulitzer-Prize-winning Washington Post columnist, Meet the Press regular.

Member Since: 1998

Specialties: Pointing out the fallacies of the left and right. War promotion. Social Security insolvency alarm-sounding.

Achievements: Ripped Bill Clinton for coming to Washington and "trashing the place." Promoted war with Iran for its economy-boosting potential. Compared Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid with Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Helped normalize practice of parlaying position into high-paying speaking gigs at private corporate events. Inspired journalists from Tim Russert to Bill Kristol.

Sample quote: "I think the country is closely balanced, with a controlling group in the center that rejects extreme positions and seeks practical solutions drawn from the agendas of both liberals and conservatives. Most Americans I meet are not ideologues of any sort; they are practical people seeking practical solutions to real challenges."

-From Washington Post web chat, May 4, 2007