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Bill Gates and Bono


The World Economic Forum in Davos


Ah, Davos. As a Villager, you will go there every January. You will drink in the awesome Alpine scenery with heads of state and corporate titans. You will learn how the rising tide of Globalization lifts all boats, or at least the ones of your fellow Davos travelers. You will hear many ideas; no need to take notes, none of them will amount to anything. You will carry the coveted white "Media Leader" badge, or maybe even the ultra-exclusive "Media Governor" version. You will catch up with friends you haven't seen since Sun Valley or Aspen. And finally, you will ignore the seething masses beyond the barricades, because you are Davos Man/Davos Woman: international mover and shaker, eternally blessed.


Founded: 1971

Past Guests: Bill Gates and Bono (left); Tim Geithner; Bill Clinton; Chelsea Clinton; Henry Kissinger; Vladimir Putin; Jamie Dimon; Larry Summers; Niall Ferguson; Christine Lagarde.

Highlights: Skiing at Klosters, schmoozing at the Congress Center and partying at the Belvedere Hotel. Singing "Shalom Aleichem" with Randi Zuckerberg at Friday night Shabbat dinner.