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Bill Daley




White House Chief of Staff


Issued: October 2011
Statement: Bill Daley has accomplished a host of citation-worthy feats in his career. From promoting NAFTA as Bill Clinton’s Commerce Secretary to an executive stint at megabank JP Morgan Chase, Bill has been a tireless advocate for our friends in the financial sector. But it's Bill's Oct. 28, 2011, interview with Roger Simon from Politico that earns this citation. During the interview, Bill said, “on the domestic side, both Democrats and Republicans have really made it very difficult for the president to be anything like a chief executive.” 


And, in response to a question about President Obama having to choose between policy and politics, Bill said:


“He’ll try to find that middle ground. How close can we get to it being really sh*tty policy or really sh*tty politics but getting something accomplished?”


Blaming both Democrats and Republicans equally while agitating for a sensible place between them is the raison d'être of the Village. We thank Mr. Daley for reinforcing this, and offer him a citation for his efforts.