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Chuck Todd




A rising star in our organization, Chuck helps cut through the clutter and noise to give you the last word on Court Gossip, er, news from the White House.


Resumé: NBC political director, White House correspondent; moderator, Meet the Press.

Member Since: 2008

Specialties: Electoral number cruncher. Advocate of “Don't Look Back” approach on torture investigations.

Achievements: Helped popularize “from 30,000 feet” expression. Brought goatee into prime time news media. Dressed down Stephen Colbert for “making a mockery” of the electoral system.

Sample quote: “Look, let's take all of these stories in one big thing: really, the only important thing—the most important thing—the President has to focus on is getting the public's trust on the economy, and pushing health care. Cheney, the CIA, and in some respects Sotomayor are cable catnip.'”

-On MSNBC's Morning Joe.