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Charlie Rose


A slot on Charlie Rose's long-form talk show is among the most coveted in all the Village. And no wonder. Charlie gives you plenty of room to get your message across, and his courtly Southern manner softens even the thorniest of questions. You'll love the iconic set, with its oak desk and black background, and the absence of fancy graphics and annoying news tickers to distract the audience. If you can get past Charlie's long, sometimes rambling questions, you will find your experience on his show rewarding and useful.

Resumé: host, Charlie Rose; co-anchor, CBS This Morning; correspondent, 60 Minutes.

Member Since: 2000

Specialties: Giving a full hour to Masters-of-the-Universe-types like Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett. Providing a forum for intervention-favoring foreign policy wonks and Rubinite economists.

Achievements: Had Tom Friedman on his show more than 60 times. Earned multiple invites to Bilderberg. Subject of complimentary profile in Fortune magazine entitled “Why Business Loves Charlie Rose.” Appeared in The Simpsons.

Sample quote:  “I promise you, CBS News and ABC News and NBC News are not influenced by the corporations that may own those companies.”

-interviewing Amy Goodman on Charlie Rose, 3/12/03