The Village Times






Katie Couric




Correspondent, 60 Minutes


Date Issued: March 2011
Statement: Katie's story for 60 Minutes on the Equity Project charter school in New York City was a model of Village storytelling. Start with a provocative premise: the teachers union is destroying education. Gloss over facts (Equity's 31 percent pass rate) that run counter to the narrative. Let dubious assertions (Joel Klein: "If you have a pulse, you get tenure") that support your premise go unchallenged.


The fact that Katie is perceived as a "lefty" makes her efforts all the better. It's much easier to marginalize our opponents when we can create the impression that journalists from both the left and right are in agreement.


The Village endorses the view that unions are antiquated and inefficient, and that the marketplace will solve our education problems. Thanks to Katie for reinforcing that principle.