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Karl Rove and David Gergen


White House Correspondents Dinner


The White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) Dinner in April is, quite simply, the highlight of the Village social season. You never know quite what you'll get on this night. Jokes from presidents about drone strikes and weapons of mass destruction? Yep. Karl Rove rapping with David Gregory? Sure, why not? The evening gives us a chance to bathe in our collective glow while we enjoy first-rate entertainment from our comedian-hosts (excepting Stephen Colbert). Some scolds have suggested we curtail or modify the event. They say it's unseemly for us to frolic with the political leaders we cover. To which we respond: nonsense! We must maintain cordial relations with Official Washington—how else are we going to do our job?

Founded: 1914

Past Guests: Jimmy Kimmel, George Clooney, Larry Flynt, Mila Kunic, the cast of Glee, Antonin Scalia, Jay Leno, Seth Meyers, Ozzy Osbourne.

Past highlights: Aforementioned rap performance featuring David Gregory and Karl Rove as "MC Rove" (left). George W. Bush's comedy bit with a George W. Bush impersonator. Spoof video about Bill Clinton's final days in office. Dick Cheney's 2008 appearance in a fedora and sunglasses.