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Founding member Cokie Roberts may be the closest thing we have to Village royalty. Consider her bloodlines: the daughter of two members of Congress, sister of a powerful lobbyist and wife of longtime journalist Steve Roberts. Though not as visible as she once was, she is available for corporate speaking gigs (price negotiable) and remains on standby to lend prestige to your news analysis.

Resumé: Analyst, anchor, columnist, commentator. ABC News, NPR.

Member Since: 1998

Specialties: Conventional Wisdom. Promotion of globalization.

Achievements: Criticized Barack Obama for going to “foreign, exotic” Hawaii to visit his grandmother. Defended the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact. Said Democrats would be on “the wrong side of history” for supporting fair trade over free trade. Scolded Bill Clinton over Lewinsky affair.

Sample quote: “I am, I will just confess to you, a total sucker for the guys who stand up with all the ribbons on and stuff, and they say it's true and I'm ready to believe it. We had General Shelton on the show the last day he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I couldn't lift that jacket with all the ribbons and medals. And so when they say stuff, I tend to believe it.”

On David Letterman's show, October 2001